Henry Forcelle, aka Henry Studios, innovates. Playing with color and light this young Minneapolis artist constructs tangible spaces from the two-dimensional. A polychromatic soul, Henry draws from dreams, disco and interpersonal interaction to pull an immersive experience from his viewers subconscious. There is no single way to engage with the work of Henry Studios, the creator challenges the conventions of the gallery space and encourages his viewer to be dynamic in their approach to the work. A viewing of this artists body of work will inspire vastly different experiences from one hour of the day to the next. Whether it be the lingering light of the afternoon or the cover of night Henry Studios work will not fail to capture the attention and imagination of the viewer.

Welcome to my world of digital pixels of things that get documented along the way.

Everything is one of one just like you.

One day I woke up and decided to follow my bliss, ever since then i’ve been in Heaven.

I bounce between Minneapolis, MN and Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for looking